Are There Special Risks With a Metal Roof for Your Home?

Are There Special Risks With a Metal Roof for Your Home?

27 February 2018
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A metal roof may be a bit more expensive than other options, but it can be a great investment for any home. Metal is tough and strong and very durable, and might even outlast the home itself! While metal roofs are a great choice for residential homes, some homeowners shy away from this material only because they're not sure if metal has some special risks; note what is meant by that, so you can determine if a metal roof is the right option for your home.

Cell phone reception

Some homeowners might assume that a metal roof would interfere with their cell phone, satellite dish, or Wi-Fi reception. This isn't actually the case, as the metal used for roofs isn't the type that would interfere with any such signals, and a metal roof isn't so thick that it would stop signals from getting into your home. If you have poor cell phone reception already, you might need a different phone service provider or a signal booster, but a metal roof shouldn't interfere with any type of electrical or other such signals you need to receive in the home.


A common misconception about a metal roof is that it might attract lightning since many lightning rods are made of metal. However, lightning is attracted to a high point, and not to a particular material. This means that a tall tree in your yard might attract lightning more than your home's metal roof! A metal roof is not going to attract lightning any more than any other roofing material, and note that metal is not as combustible as other types of roofing tiles. If your home was struck by lightning, a metal roof may then suffer far less damage than asphalt shingles and other such materials, making an even safer option for areas prone to lightning strikes.


The metal used for roofing is typically powder coated to give it colour and to help protect it from rust and other corrosion. This coating keeps the metal from being overly slick and slippery. In turn, it can be as safe to walk on a metal roof as any other roofing material. Note, this doesn't mean you should assume that you can easily walk on your home's metal roof if you have no experience with being on a roof. However, you shouldn't assume that a metal roof is somehow slicker or poses more dangers during inspections and repairs.

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