Metal Roofing Trends that Roofers Should Watch Out for in 2018

Metal Roofing Trends that Roofers Should Watch Out for in 2018

28 February 2018
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With Sydney becoming the second most expensive city in the world with regards to housing, most homeowners are opting to renovate their homes rather than move. Part of such renovation includes re-doing or replacing roofs to give clients a new look without necessarily spending a fortune. As a business owner who supplies roofing accessories to clients, it is critical to keep up with metal roofing trends because it is one way of beating the competition and retaining clients. This article lists trends that are expected to hit the roofing industry in 2018.

Vivid Colours -- Over the last few years, homeowners have consistently preferred less bright colours because a roof s exposed to harsh external conditions. For instance, earth colours are preferred since they can hide or camouflage any scratches on metal roofs. However, the trend is changing, and clients are looking at more bold colours for their metal roofs. The new trend is driven by the fact that homeowners like to draw attention to their homes and since moving is not an option for most, bright, vivid colours on metal roofs do the trick. Additionally, it is only recently that manufacturers have begun producing a variety of metal roof shades thereby giving clients options. Therefore, stock metal roofs in bright red, white, and deep blue tones since they will become a hit with homeowners in 2018.

Reflective Roofing Glass Paint -- During summer, homes can get hot. For this reason, homeowners prefer to paint their metal roofs white. While the white coating is capable of reflecting the sun, air temperature inside the house will still rise slightly. Glass paint, however, reflects off sunrays while maintaining air temperature. Additionally, since glass paint is manufactured from an inorganic material, homeowners do not have to worry about it getting degraded by weather elements. The reflective ability of glass paint lasts longer than other organic based paints.

Texture Versatility -- Although metal roofs boast of all manner of advantages, clients prefer versatility to plainness. That is why homeowners are going for metal roofs that have different textures on them. Instead of the traditional smooth surfaced metal roofs, manufacturers have come up with various texture variations that clients can choose. For instance, one can have their roof designed to feel like the bark of wood. Other homeowners might prefer to have their roof feel like bricks. By using the latest fabrication methods, manufacturers have been able to produce metal roofs with varying textures.   

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