Metal fabrication

Metal fabrication

5 March 2018
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Metal fabrication services deliver on stainless steel, aluminium and metal solutions. Metal fabrication contractors need to be experienced and certified to ensure that they are able to custom fabricate any metal product or structure. The experience and certification of metal fabrication contractors also ensures that their creations are of the highest standards possible.


There are various examples of metal fabrication projects and they include:

  • Commercial and street furniture.
  • Benches made of stainless steel.
  • Bins used for commercial purposes.
  • Structural elements.
  • Frameworks and tubes.
  • Fabricated shelves systems which are custom made.
  • Balustrades and hand rails.

Metal fabrication can help you achieve any modern design that is strong, stable and minimal. If you may wish to have custom metal fabrication services performed, you can choose from a wide array of metals that are lightweight to give a conducive aluminium fabrication design. You can also choose on heavy duty stainless steel fabrication, welding and shaping.

Structural elements

Metal fabrication can be used to create structural elements on both commercial and industrial sites. These structures form the shell of the various structures which are being built. The ability to design and shape metal by using metal fabrication is how great architectural designs are achieved.

Multi-level buildings

In the world today composite steel is being widely used in multilevel buildings. When you are undertaking a multilevel steel construction project the cost analysis associated with it is less as compared to other methods used in construction of multi-level buildings. Multi-level steel construction is also safer and faster to use.


The various benefits associated with use of metal fabrication in high rise construction projects include:

  • The building can be ready for occupation earlier as compared to when using other construction methods.
  • The risks associated with construction sites can be reduced when using metal fabrication because the materials are prepared off site and are setup when they arrive on the construction site.
  • Metal fabrication allows there to be more column free space because the structural steel being used is long.
  • The use of metal fabrication ensures that your investment is future proof due to the fact that major changes can be made to the building easily.
  • Metal fabrication utilises advanced technology to ensure that the designs which are being used are unique and of stable enough to achieve an actual building.
  • The use of metal fabrication makes any construction project cost effective because the use of advanced technology, time and labor saves money as compared to using traditional construction methods and materials.
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