3 Essential Accessories to Include in Your Next Gutter Replacement Project

3 Essential Accessories to Include in Your Next Gutter Replacement Project

30 March 2019
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It is normal for roofers to focus on replacing their client's gutter system with an alternative that does the job. However, it is possible to achieve this and a lot more with a few gutter accessories on a new gutter system. Apart from performing their function, the accessories add a classy and fancy touch to your client's gutter system. Therefore, this article proposes essential accessories to include in your next gutter replacement project.

Rain Chains: Although rain chains can be traced back to the ancient Japanese culture, their popularity has only grown over the past few years. Other than guiding rainwater from the gutter to underground tanks, rain chains are aesthetically appealing. The best part is that your clients can choose either link chains or cup chains. The former has a modern, simple design, and your clients will appreciate the peace that is derived from watching rain flow along the length on the chain. Moreover, the sound produced as water flows down the chain have a calming effect. On the other hand, the cup chains are sophisticated and elegant. They are good at reducing splash because, unlike link chains, cups chains can handle huge volumes of water. Ultimately, both designs will highlight clients' façades.

Leaf Guards: Homeowners want a gutter system that directs as much clean water as possible to their rainwater tanks. Most roofers, therefore, install mesh sieves at the gutter-downspout junction. While this placement prevents leaves from going down the downspout, debris tends to accumulate at the sieve mesh, thereby slowing down the rate of flow of rainwater. Leaf guards can effectively combat the problem because they are installed over — not in — the gutter. Therefore, they allow trapping of debris above the gutter and improved rainwater flow. Additionally, since debris doesn't accumulate inside the gutter, the leaf guards eliminate the need for constant inspection and cleaning. Besides, leaf guards come in different types, such as foam guards, mesh and solid covers.

Splash Blocks: During heavy rains, a lot of water flows through the gutter, down the downspout, and comes out with a lot of force. If the downspout leads the water to an underground tank, then a homeowner has nothing to worry about. However, a homeowner should be concerned when the water drains to the ground. It is because the high pressure with which the rainwater hits the ground can lead to erosion and severe dampness of a client's compound. Splash blocks are, therefore, excellent accessories since they reduce the splashing action and also help to direct the water away from home's foundation and walls.

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