Benefits Of Terracotta Tile Roofing

Benefits Of Terracotta Tile Roofing

15 July 2019
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When it comes time to remodel your roof, selecting the right material is crucial in terms of durability, efficiency and style. One popular choice is terracotta tiles, which provide numerous benefits.

Provide A Durable Option

Terracotta tiles are extremely durable and long-lasting, with an expected life span of many decades. These roofs aren't at risk of moulding or rotting, even in high humidity, and, unlike timber, they're not prone to insect damage. Resistant to the elements, terracotta tiles can withstand strong sunshine and severe winds, so they can protect your home from most conditions. If they're damaged, you can replace the tiles individually; you don't have to replace a large section of the roofing as you do with metal sheeting. Additionally, the thermal qualities of clay help your home to breathe and release moisture, reducing condensation and mould buildup. 

Handle Energy Efficiently

Terracotta has a high thermal mass and so helps to moderate a home's temperatures, keeping them more even and steady. Because the clay tiles absorb the sun's heat during the day, they prevent it from moving straight down into the rooms below. As a result, your home will stay cooler during the daytime. Then, during the evening, when the air is crisp and fresh, the terracotta releases its stored heat, warming the rooms underneath. By storing and releasing radiation energy, these tiles help to protect the indoor environment from temperature extremes. Lower energy bills will be the result. 

Additionally, terracotta tiles have a lower embodied energy than many other roofing materials, which means the production process of this clay product is relatively efficient. Also, many tiles use natural clays, so water runoff is safe, in conjunction with the proper procedures of a rainwater tank system.

Offer Design Options

When picturing a terracotta tile roof, you might have in mind red, earthen shades. While these hues are available, you will also get to choose from sleek blacks and greys, steel blues and smoky browns, giving you the chance to coordinate your roof with your home's siding and environment. You can also select from a range of profiles, some more even and flat and others more contoured, to customise the styling to your architecture. Different profiles handle the rainfall in distinct ways, so you can also get the best for your local climate and conditions. Terracotta tiles, no matter what shade, give an organic, textured feel to your roofing, adding to the attractive appearance of your home's exterior. 

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