Popular Types of Materials to Consider When Buying New Gutters

Popular Types of Materials to Consider When Buying New Gutters

7 July 2020
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Your gutters are an essential part of your roofing system. They help defend your home against wind, rain, ice, and other forms of severe weather conditions. They gather any precipitation from your roof to protect the entire roofing system and foundation. As such, it is crucial to ensure that the gutters are in excellent shape. Gutter replacement should also be done as soon as you notice that the gutters are damaged and can't be repaired. So, what materials can you consider when buying new guttering for your gutter replacement project? Here are outstanding gutter materials you'll find in the market today, whether you choose to install seamless or sectional gutters.

Wooden gutters

Wood is one of the classic gutter materials that has managed to stay relevant for centuries, even with the introduction of more weather resistant and cheaper guttering materials. This material is suitable for old, preserved properties and can be made using treated redwood and cedar to make them durable and weather resistant. You should consider getting wood guttering if you require gutters for a historic or old home to retain its original aesthetic. Don't forget to set enough funds when you opt to use this classic gutter material — the buying price will be higher due to its nature.

Vinyl gutters

Another gutter material that has become very popular today is vinyl. This can be attributed to its outstanding features like the ease of installation, affordability and ability to resist corrosion. Besides, vinyl gutters are also lightweight. It is essential to install these gutters appropriately, so the sections do not sag. Those living in areas that experience long cold months should avoid this gutter material as it will crack over time.

Zinc gutters

Zinc is another durable guttering material you can consider. The guttering can be made from pure zinc, or include some amounts of copper and titanium. The best thing about zinc is that it is capable of withstanding corrosion. In fact, you don't need to paint the material as it's capable of developing a protective layer over time. This reduces maintenance expenses and gives you value for your investment. Zinc guttering is often used in high-end residences as they are costly.

Aluminium gutters

Aluminium is another affordable material you can consider for your gutter replacement project. Other than being affordable, aluminium gutters are corrosion-resistant, lightweight and easy to mount. They are even more weather resistant than their competitors, vinyl, and will not crack or snap when installed in areas that experience freezing weather. The material also holds paint well, so you can apply several coats to attain the desired appearance.

For more information on guttering options, reach out to a local roofer.

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