Ways a Metal Roof Will Enhance Your Home

Ways a Metal Roof Will Enhance Your Home

15 December 2020
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No matter what your current roof is, you can update your home with a new metal roof to create a gorgeous curb view and facade. Consider the following ways a metal roof will enhance your home.

Colour Options

Metal offers a wide colour variety, including lights and darks and cool and warm tones. Colorbond, one form of metal roofing, covers their corrugated sheets in nature-inspired hues such as dusky blue-grey that hint at slate cliffs, and beige roofs that mimic sand hues. You'll find colours that suit both heritage homes plus modern architectural designs. 

A roof replacement provides an opportunity to change the colour of your roof to something different. For instance, for a red brick home with a terracotta tile roof, you could install a charcoal or green roof.

Sleek Aesthetic

Tiles can create a busy look on a roof, consisting of many small separate units. Steel roofs, though, give a sleeker effect, composed of large panels that connect seamlessly. The top isn't covered with multiple horizontal and vertical join lines between individual tiles. 

Steel roofs feature textures and profiles that add visual interest harmonise with diverse environments. For example, you could select a classic orb wave-shape or else install a roof with an angular square form. Many different sheets are on offer to match traditional and contemporary architectures.


Metal roofs provide a resilient option for a home. They feature advanced coatings that protect the inner steel from rusting and weathering. Zincalume, for instance, features an alloy film of zinc and aluminium, and Colorbond uses similar protection plus added layers including a coating of a baked-on paint. Metal roofs usually last for decades with the right care, such as regular inspections and repairs when needed. 


Steel is 100% recyclable, and a Colorbond roof contains some content of recycled steel. As well, decades down the track when your roof reaches the end of its life, it can be recycled again and turned into other metal objects. The benefit of recycling is that it uses less energy than mining steel from scratch. As energy production releases greenhouse gasses, anything the reduces energy usage is a plus.

Thus, covering your home with a metal roof enhances your home in a few ways. You'll have an elegantly coloured and shaped roof, and you can take the opportunity to refresh the hue to transform your facade. Metal roofing material provides a durable option that you won't need to replace for decades, plus, you can recycle the sheets rather than send them to a landfill.

To learn more about different roofing material options, reach out to a local roofer.

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