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What to Look into Before Starting Your Residential Roof Replacement

28 September 2021
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Is it time to replace your residential roof? If you have seen the signs that your home's current roof is nearing the end of its service life, it's recommended you start planning for a roof replacement early on. This way, you'll have adequate time to research your roofing options and choose the right one for your needs and budget. Before you can start looking at the roofing options available to you, there are certain critical factors that you should think through. Read More …

2 Roofing Materials That Are Suitable For A Solar-Powered Home

29 July 2021
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As climate change becomes an ever more pressing concern, homeowners across Australia are making big changes to try and minimise the energy consumption and carbon footprints of their homes. Installing roof-mounted solar panels that generate electricity and hot water can be an excellent and highly effective way to make your home more eco-friendly. However, if your home needs a replacement roof before solar panels can be installed, or if you wish to install solar panels on a custom-built home, you should choose roofing materials that are compatible with solar panels. Read More …

Downpipe Installation Tips to Improve Rainwater Drainage From Your Roof

10 May 2021
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Downpipes are an essential part of your gutter system. They collect rainwater from the gutters and direct it away from the building. Downpipes should carry rainwater away as fast as possible to prevent backflow. Therefore, they can determine the efficiency of your roof's drainage system. As you buy and install them, have the tips below in mind. Choose a quality material The material you choose determines the durability of the downpipes. Read More …

Top Considerations for Picking the Correct Tile Roof for Your Home

4 March 2021
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Time to finally replace your current residential roof? If you're looking to install a new roof that's ultimate in customizability, look no further than a tile roof. Roof tiles come in a huge selection of materials that vary in weight, durability, appearance, and price, so you can find a roof that best suits your needs and budget. But with so many tile roofing options available, you may struggle to choose the right one for your roof replacement. Read More …

Ways a Metal Roof Will Enhance Your Home

15 December 2020
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No matter what your current roof is, you can update your home with a new metal roof to create a gorgeous curb view and facade. Consider the following ways a metal roof will enhance your home. Colour Options Metal offers a wide colour variety, including lights and darks and cool and warm tones. Colorbond, one form of metal roofing, covers their corrugated sheets in nature-inspired hues such as dusky blue-grey that hint at slate cliffs, and beige roofs that mimic sand hues. Read More …

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